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Self-Cleaning Technology is finally here!

Able to lift and remove large amounts of dust from surfaces simply by the push of a button.

  Poly-Adaptive, LLC, an Arkansas nanotechnology company, holds the exclusive license to commercialize the Electrodynamic Dust Shield or EDS technology that has been used to clean optical devices, photovoltaic panels, windows, doors, thermal systems, cameras, spacesuits and other surfaces over the past decade for NASA is finally available to the public.

  The EDS shown to the right is an example of this awesome technology. It is able to lift and remove large amounts of dust from surfaces simply by the push of a button. The video shows about 4 grams of dust being removed in just over a second on a 4.5" x 6" clear piece of glass. This technology has been shown to remove dust for camera lenses, optical lasers, batteries, solar cells, garments, radiator materials, and on large scale surfaces such as doors and windows.

The Electrodynamic Dust Shield is comprised of transparent conductive materials similar to the ones used in smart phones and tablets. The power required to operate the EDS is minimal and has been shown to work using as little as 0.5 watts depending on the area needing to be cleaned. Poly-Adaptive creates each EDS to fit any size geometry or application. We have even shown the technology works well with other transparent coating technologies including SuperHydroPhobic coatings, anti-reflective coatings and abrasion resistance coatings without any degradation in performance.

Please contact us today to customize an EDS for your application!

Below we list a few of the many potential uses of technology.

  • Car windows

  • House/building windows

  • Solar water heaters/Solar Photovoltaic Systems

  • Kitchen floors

  • Ceiling fans

  • Mirrors

  • Military Applications

  • Aerospace Applications

  • Transportation Applications

  • Optical systems

  • Drapes/Garments

  • Mechanical systems